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Opal Engagement Rings Melbourne

At  H&H Jewellery, we stock some of the most stunning Australian Opal Engagement Rings that are also designed to suit any style and budget. We are committed to helping you find a unique Opal Ring unique as your love story and we’re here to help you find the perfect ring. We have an extensive range of Opal Rings and Jewellery that include Crystal Opal, Black Opal Rings, Silver Opal Rings, Australian Opal, Black & White Opal Engagement Rings.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Opals and Opal Jewellery come in a wide variety or colours, quality and appearance. Each Opal Gem can differ noticeably, so its important to know what to look for to ensure you get the best quality to suit your style and budget.

Opals are a one off. No two are the same. Each Opal is unique, so whatever Opal appeals to you comes down to personal taste. At H&H Jewellery we have a large selection of Opals to suit you style, and budget.

As a general rule of thumb, you should check the cut of the opal. An Opal or Gem that has been shaped or polished is called a cabochon - it can also refer to a style of cutting. A good Opal should be symmetrical and the dome should be well rounded. A "domed surface" gives a good play-of-color making the stone appear vivid a wide range of viewing angles. However, the cut or cabochon is flat, it might make it vulnerable to breakage when set into jewellery.

While Opals are considered softer gemstones - as compered to diamonds for example, with care and good cleaning they can last lifetime. Regular cleaning is recommended, every month or two to keep the Opal clean and sparkling.

If you plan to keep your Opal for extended periods of time, you can wrap it in cotton wool, add a few drops of water, and place it in a plastic bas for storage. When storing Australian Opal, avoid low humidity such as bank vaults or very high temperatures such as boiling water. When cleaning Australian opal, use mild detergent in warm water and avoid bleach or harsh chemicals.

While Opals can be quite resilient ,they can also also extremely sensitive to light. Be cautious against constantly wearing Opal jewellery pieces in direct sunlight that can certainly start to degrade them,

At H&H Jewellery we specialize in unique and stunning Australian Made Opal Jewellery with the biggest selection of genuine opals and Opal Jewellery in Melbourne! Please feel free to drop in for a visit at our locations in;


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