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Looking for an engagement ring in Melbourne? You are now ready to "pop" the question with a piece that is undeniably breathtaking? Discover a stunning and awe-inspiring selection of Custom Designed Wedding & Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne to mark those special moments. At H&H Jewellery we know that searching for an engagement ring is a deeply personal and momentous affair. When looking for engagement rings for women and men, we know that this marks the start of a beautiful union and journey between loved ones....Discover a stunning and awe-inspiring selection of Diamond Rings in Melbourne & Custom Engagement Rings in Melbourne to mark those special moments. Having your own design that is specific and special to you also means that no one will have the same ring as you! Our Custom Engagement Rings are expectational creations with an extra sparkle that go beyond the traditional approach giving you the flexibility to mix and match different styles.
A Unique Range of Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne.
When you buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne in Melbourne from H&H Jewellery, you can be sure that its quality and value is unmatched Australia wide. As reputable custom jewellery-designers and responsibly sourced loose diamond wholesalers you are certain that your priced diamond ring is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards possible.
Main types of Diamond Engagement Ring Settings.
Trilogy: Trilogy diamond ring rings are generally considered to be “symbolic” rings. In general terms they represent the past, present and the future. Like the name suggests, this diamond ring will consist of 3 stones; the main larger center diamond represents the present and the two smaller side diamonds to represent the past and the future.
Solitaire: Solitaire engagement rings are a classic and stylish design that consists of a single diamond or gemstone. Solitaire rings bands come in a variety of metal types such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. The most common style of setting for diamond solitaire rings is a four or six claw setting.
Halo: Halo diamond engagement rings have a design where the main center diamond is encircled by other diamonds to create a halo effect. The halo adds that extra sparkle and brilliance making the center diamond itself look larger.
Side Stone /Pave: Pave or Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring are also quite popular. The engagement ring band itself is set with diamonds creating an all round sparkling effect that is quite brilliant to look at. Generally, the side stones engagement rings wrap about half to three quarters of the band. A wide range of diamond shapes and sizes can be used along the band.
The Best Melbourne custom diamond engagement ring design and Specialists.
If you have a custom diamond engagement ring design in mind, we have the best in class diamond designers and jewelers in Melbourne to make your dream come true. As some of the leading jewellers in Melbourne for over 25 years, we have in-depth knowledge of jewellery manufacture and design to craft the most unique Diamond Engagement Rings on the market. We pride ourselves on our experience helping thousands of couples find a piece that truly showcased their life long commitment to each other. At our stores and showrooms in Melbourne, South Yarra and Elsterwick, we have a wide range of women's diamond and gemstone engagement ring styles. Our inventory of fully certified GIA certified wholesale diamonds means that you will be spoilt for choice when selecting a suitable diamond for your engagement ring. We also have a very extensive range of Gemstone Engagement Rings such as Tanzanite Engagement Rings, Ruby Engagement Rings, Sapphire Engagement Rings, Emerald Engagement Rings and Aquamarine Engagement Rings.
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