H&H Jewellery is proud to showcase here our gorgeous collections. Each collection has been carefully selected to bring you the very best in quality, style and value. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for yourself or your loved ones, the jewellery in our collections has been hand crafted with the finest materials to ensure the utmost beauty.

  • Master Collection

    For those searching for contemporary and modern pieces with a touch of classic simplicity, look no further than our stunning Master Collection. Using the highest quality materials, including 18K gold and crystal-clear diamonds and precious gems in a range of cuts, this collection is truly breathtaking.

  • Luxurious Collection

    For old-Hollywood glamour and unique, show-stopping pieces, our Luxurious Collection is sure to impress. With diamonds, precious gemstones, South Sea pearls and 18K gold, every piece in this collection – from necklaces and pendants to beautiful rings and earrings – has been designed and hand-crafted to stand out from the crowd.

  • Modern Simplicity Collection

    For those that prefer their statement jewellery to be more subtle than show-stopping, look no further than our Modern Simplicity Collection. Featuring a range of pieces that have been hand-crafted to showcase their high-quality finish and stunning craftsmanship, the beauty and sophistication found here will speak for itself.