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H&H Jewellery is a Trusted Family Owned Premier Melbourne Jeweller with a 40 year jewellery making heritage.
Discover the finest selection of Hand-Crafted Diamond Jewellery, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Earrings, Bracelets & Bangles, Necklaces & Pendants and an elegant selection of Swiss Made Watches & Timepieces.
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Established in 1996 by Diamond & Master Jeweller's and brothers-in-law, Chris and Harry.

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Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Wall Clock.
The Mondaine Official Swiss Railway Wall Clock combines authentic style with high-quality Mondaine craftsmanship to create a piece of contemporary Swiss history.

Enjoy the iconic design of the Official Swiss Railways Watch , distinctive black hour & minute hands, red seconds hand iwith an easy-to-read dial from the comfort of your own home.
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Discover a stunning and elegantly designed range of Bangles & Bracelets. Give your look a spackle with a beautifully designed range of diamond tennis bracelets for women, men's diamond bracelets, rose gold bracelets, white gold bracelets, silver bangles,

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Explore a stunning range of Wedding & Engagement Rings beautify handcrafted and set with a range of precious metals & diamonds.
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Explore an exquisite range of beautifully handcrafted range of Necklaces & Pendants in classic gold, silver or platinum and set with stunning precious stones.
Discover our range of Pearl Necklaces, Diamond Necklaces, Gold Chains for Women, Gold Necklaces for Men, Rose Gold Necklaces & Gold Chain Necklaces.

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