Jewellery Repairs, Remodelling & Restoration in Melbourne.

Fast and Affordable On-Site Jewellery Repairs with an uncompromising Commitment to Service , Quality & Workmanship.

Jewellery Repair, Restoration & Remodelling Services Melbourne

H&H Jewellery is renown for its wide range of professional and affordable Jewellery repair, restoration & remodelling services to keep your jewellery looking pristine. Our Jewellery Repairs & Remodelling Services in Melbourne include : ring resizing, re-tipping and claws, replacing diamonds and gems, re-fitting new clasps or claws, jewellery polishing, rhodium plating and much more. Our master jewellers will carefully inspect and examine each piece repair to provide an Obligation Your Free Jewellery Repair Estimate.

Jewellery Repairs in Melbourne

Our talented certified jewelers will carefully inspect and examine each piece repair to provide an jewellery repair quote or estimate.

Our Professional Jewellery Repair Services in Melbourne include;
Ring prong re-tipping or replacement, Ring head/setting replacement, Ring setting/stone tightening, Chain repair, Clasp replacement, Stone replacement, Jewellery polishing and cleaning.

Ring Resizing Services in Melbourne

With time, you may need to have your Wedding Ring, Bands or Dress Rings resized for variety of reasons that can affect finger size and comfort.

Ring resizing services for all types metals and styles such as;
- Yellow Gold Ring Resizing
- White Gold Ring Resizing
- Platinum Ring resizing
- Sterling Silver Ring Resizing
- All Carat Weight Gold Ring Resizing

Jewellery Remodelling & Restoration

Do you have some vintage or old jewellery that you would like restored, remodeled, or redesigned ? We work with you re-design, restore and remodel your old, vintage or antique jewellery to restore it back its former charm.

Breath some life back into your jewellery with our Jewellery Remodelling & Restoration services. Get in touch with one of our Jewellers or Book an Appointment to create something wonderful.

Swiss Watch Repairs & Servicing in Melbourne.

Professional Swiss Watch Repairs, Servicing, Battery Replacement, Restoration and much more for all Major Swiss Watches & Timepieces.

Swiss Watch Repairs in Melbourne

At H&H Jewellery, our team of highly skilled watchmakers is fully equipped and trained to expertly maintain, repair, and service all major luxury swiss watch brands & timepieces using only genuine parts from the manufacturer and specialized tools and equipment. You can trust us to provide the highest level of care for your timepiece.

Swiss Watch Repair & Servicing

At H&H Jewellery, our Experienced Watchmakers provide quality watch repairs and technical servicing for all Major Swiss Luxury Watches & Timepieces. Our Watch Repair Services include; Water Resistance Testing, Movement Regulation Testing, Watch Accuracy & Servicing.

Watch Battery & Band Replacement

H&H Jewellery professional watchmakers provide quick and affordable watch battery and watch band replacements in Melbourne CBD. We ensure that your watch is adequately tested and returned in excellent condition. Talk to us about our wide range of watch bands to keep your watch looking pristine.

Antique Watch Restorations

H&H Jewellery specializes in the the repair and restoration of old vintage antique clocks including American, English long-case, German and French Clocks. All our work is performed at by our experienced antique watchmakers and professionals to ensure quality service workmanship.

Antique Clock Repairs, Restorations & Maintenance.

Melbourne’s most Respected & Trusted Clockmakers working to the highest Horological Watch & Clock making standards.

Antique Clock Repairs & Restorations in Melbourne

H&H Jewellery one of Melbourne’s most respected and trusted clockmakers.
We specialize in antique clock repairs & restorations in Melbourne including American, English long-case, German and French Clocks. All our work is performed at by our experienced antique watchmakers and professionals to ensure quality service & workmanship. Our passionate and talented clockmakers inspect, perform and maintain all repair and restoration work to the highest Horological Watch & Clock making standards.

Clock Repairs

An experienced & talented clockmakers with 40 years experience will quickly and affordably get your modern or antique clocks running smoothly again. Regardless of the make, model or size or your clock, our masterful clock technicians are well versed in all types of antique clock repairs in Melbourne.

Clock Maintenance

We provide reliable and affordable high-quality modern & antique clock maintenance service to keep your beautiful vintage clock running smoothly. Our experienced technicians clock makers provide the Antique Clock Maintenance Services using the latest Horological Watches Techniques.

Antique Clock Restoration

At H&H Jewellery we provide a wide range of Antique Clock Restoration Services In Melbourne.
We work with all types of Vintage or Antique Clocks to restore wooden or metal cases, rebuild and calibrate movements, touching up dials and also perform complete clock restoration work. All work is performed to the highest standard and workmanship.

Trusted Local Jewellery
Repair Services in Melbourne.

Jewellery Repairs Services in Melbourne with uncompromising commitment to Customer Service, Quality & Craftsmanship.

Everything you need to know about Jewellery Repairs, Restoration & Remodelling

There are many techniques involved when repairing, restoring or remodelling any piece of jewellery, making sure you choose the correct one can mean the difference between potentially destroying your valuable jewellery or restoring it back to its former charm.  Of course, there are a variety of factors that come into play such as the level of work needed, the type of precious metal to be worked on, availability of replacement materials amongst other factors....
While any jewellery repair is a very delicate process, you can trust that our expert master jewellers and goldsmiths will handle your jewellery handle with the utmost care and precision. Each piece of jewellery is unique and will have different repair requirements, we highly recommend booking an appointment with our jewellers to get the most accurate assessment before having any work done on your jewellery. Our master jewellers have over 30 years of experience handcrafting bespoke jewellery to the highest standards precise quotes and time frames for the work required.
All our repair work is always subject to assessment, particularly for jewellery items made of diamonds, silver, palladium,  platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold in 18ct or 9ct. Where additions are required, only the highest quality precious metals are used. If you require additional or replacement diamonds or gemstones, H&H Jewellery is a premium wholesaler of GIA-certified diamonds, so you can be sure that you are getting ethically sourced Natural or Lab Grown diamonds at the best value.
One of the most common jewellery repairs is re-tipping of worn-out claws on wedding and engagement rings.It is advisable to have the claws of your jewellery accessed and checked every few years.  The gradual wear and tear of the claws often result in the loss of your valuable diamond or gemstones.
We also provide  jewellery replating services for your jewellery. In case your white gold jewellery has started to appear yellowish, our Rhodium plating  services will  restore its brand new look and bring back its former charm! We also repair chains and necklaces to restore missing chain links, & broken catches to that perfect fit! We have conveniently located workshops in Melbourne CBD, Elsternwick & South yarra where you  book  an appointment  with our master jewellers for all your jewellery repair needs.