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Looking for Bespoke & Custom Designed Engagement Rings in Melbourne? Explore a stunning and carefully curated selection of Diamond & Opal Engagement Rings to suit every style, personality & budget!

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At H&H Jewellery, our master jewellers design and craft stunning and exceptional custom-made diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and bridal jewellery that are sure to impress. We have helped thousands of couples find just the right piece that suits their taste, lifestyles, fashion sense and budget. Our Diamond Engagement Rings are bespoke and as unique our valued customers.

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Lab Grown Diamonds Melbourne

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of GIA Certifies Lab Grown Diamonds in Mebourne. These fully diamonds are responsibily sourced and make for the perfect Lab Grown Diamond Enagagemnt Rings. We provide customised services to help our valued customers find the perfect stone for to suit their budget and lifestyle. We are also a respected and highly regarded supplier of wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds in Melbourne.

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Natural Diamonds Melbourne

We are based in Melbourne, supplying Loose Wholesale Diamonds Australia-wide at unbeatable prices and exceptional customer and after sales service. We offer an extensive wide range of conflict-free, affordable yet elegant quality loose diamonds. Our diamonds are highly favored and sort after for use in diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces &  pendants, bracelets & bangles and other types of fine Jewellery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question about our Diamond Engagement Rings or Wedding Rings? Here are the most commonly asked questions!

Diamond Engagement Rings

Absolutely not!

The Classic Engagement Ring is the traditional and timeless diamond engement ring design that is untouched and unfazed by passing fashion trends. They surely stand the test of time are perfect for looking to make a statement of a timeless union.

Technology has come very far when it comes to Diamonds. Today, it is now possible to replicate what happens deep in the earth's crust to recreate a diamond in a lab. Natural diamonds are slightly more expensive, however for the same budget you will most likely get a larger lab grown diamond which is generally regarded as sustainable and acquired in a more socially responsible way. We stock an extensive range of GIA Certified Lab Grown and Natural Mined Diamonds in Melbourne - so you are in good hands!

This is a common question for most couples and it is one largely based on an individual's personal and financial circumstances. The purchase of a diamond can be significant and it's always advisable to make financially sound decisions to avoid unnecessary debt. That said, when shopping for a good quality 1 carat diamond engagement ring in Melbourne , expect the cost to range over $10000. Ensure that it is GIA certified as any diamond purchase also serves as a great investment,

Every diamond has its own unique characteristics. To determine a diamond's overall rating and quality -  there are a set of standards it has to be graded. These are its cut, its color, its clarity, and its carats - also referred to as the 4 c’s. As a respected Diamond Wholesaler in Melbourne, we are always on hand to guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the best diamond at the best prices.

Before purchasing a Diamond Ring, we always advise our valued customers to find out your or your partner's ring size before making the purchase. This can help avoid disappointments when the ring does not fit or is too loose and may fall off your finger. At H&H jewellery you can use our ring size guide available online or you can simply drop in to any one of our H&H Jewellery stores to have your finger resized.