Jewellery Rhodium Plating & Polishing in Melbourne

Your Rhodium Plated Jewelry is valuable to you and requires the utmost care when cleaning and handling. The main aim is create and preserve a shiny, sparkly finish to coat sterling silver and white gold. The Rhodium finish on your favorite piece of jewelry will wear over time, so make sure you have it professionally cleaned and polished at the very first hint of slight yellowing or browning.

At H&H Jewellery we specialize in Jewellery Rhodium Plating & Polishing in Melbourne to bring back the sparkle to your Jewellery our range of polishing and refinishing options.  

  We always aim to preserve your gemstones, gold or silver to revitalizes your piece to its original specifications with an added sparkle.    

Our Jewellery specialists are also highly talented in restoring severely damaged pieces for insurance purposes and claims.   

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