Best Place to buy Opals and Opal Jewellery in Melbourne

H&H Jewellery is a family owned jewellery business that is built on a 25 year jewellery making heritage & passion for quality and excellence in high end diamond & jewellery design and manufacture. H&H jewellery also specializes in unique and stunning Australian Made Opal Jewellery with one of the largest selection of genuine opals and opal Jewellery right here in Melbourne! The carefully selected natural Opal Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, are sure to make for the perfect price for yourself, simply as a gift for that special someone or that special someone.

Over the 25 years, H&H jewellery has established its name and reputation for providing quality Opals and Opal Jewellery across Melbourne and Australia through its uncompromising attention to detail and outstanding quality workmanship.

At H&H Jewellery we believe that Australian Opal Jewellery are the best in the market. They make for the most excellent gifts for loved ones and staples for any wardrobe or outfit. We also know that there some people are collectors and love investing in rare and priced opals. We only sell and distribute genuine opals and would caution everyone of people are selling fake opals, they do not last and lose value very quickly!

H&H Jewellery also has conveniently located Opal Jewellery Stores in Melbourne CBD , South Yarra and Elsternwick. However, if you are not in Victoria or are not able to visit one of the stores, the best place to buy opals online is on the H&H jewellery Stores with secure check our and Free Shipping Australia wide.