Diamond Wedding Rings

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Range of Settings

Our diamond wedding rings online are available in various settings to ensure that they meet the needs of your lifestyle. These include: shared prong settings, pave settings, channel settings, bezel and flush settings. We can show you how each of these different settings will work with your engagement ring.

Eternity Rings

Although they can be used as wedding bands, eternity or anniversary rings are given to mark an important occasion of a couple’s relationship (such as the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary). A full ring has diamonds all the way around whereas a half ring only has stones set across the top half.

Not Just for Women

Shopping for male wedding rings? These days, diamond rings online are not just for women – we are seeing an increasing number of men wearing bands that have been adorned with diamonds. Note that a thicker band is more suited to males, as they have larger fingers to accommodate.

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Diamond Ring Collection for Your Big Day

Why should the sparkle end with your engagement? H&H Jewellery supply a range of diamond wedding rings online in white, yellow and rose gold or platinum, ensuring that your engagement ring can be matched.

Our range includes both simple and more intricate designs, from having a few diamonds on top of the band to having them embedded the whole way round. We also work with diamonds of all shapes for your satisfaction.

Many of these rings can be chosen in conjunction with our engagement rings, ensuring that they fit snugly together and almost appear like a single band. Please let us know if this is your aim.