Australian Opal Collection

Australian Opal Collection

All Australian opals jewellery are available in a variety of colours, including: blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Certain colours are considered more valuable due to their scarcity. With our expertise, we can help you to choose the right one for your budget and personal tastes.

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Do you love the look of opals but haven’t been able to find a piece that showcases them to your satisfaction? Our stunning Australian opal jewellery collection offers the perfect solution!

For many people, opals are a difficult stone to choose, as they come in three different categories – solids, doublets and triplets.


These are the most valuable, cut from only the natural stone without any treatment or enhancement. Within this category there are three kinds of solid opal - light and crystal, boulder and black.


These are a thin slice of translucent opal that has been joined to a backing (made from either black potch or ironstone) by an epoxy resin. The stone is cut thin so that, once placed on the dark backing, it looks darker. They provide an economical alternative to black or boulder opals, as they’re only a fraction of the cost of a real solid stone.


These are made through the addition of a clear, protective quartz or crystal glass top to a doublet. The slices are usually thinner than those of a doublet so as to make them less expensive. The domed cap protects the opal, magnifying the colour and pattern improving the stone.

Please note: both doublets and triplets should not be immersed in water or liquids as this may cause the layers to separate with constant emersion.

Loose Opals

H&H Jewellery specialises in loose opals, so if you would prefer to purchase the stone by itself please come and visit us at one of our showrooms. We have many years experience with opals, so can help you choose the perfect one for the jewellery piece that you have in mind.

Opal & Diamond Rings

Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or a gift for that special someone, our Australian opal and diamond rings are divine. The opal, of course, forms the focal point of the piece and the diamonds either frame it in a halo or decorate the shoulder.

Black Opal & Diamond Pendants

If an Australian black opal pendant is more your style, you will be spoilt for choice. Many of them are also combined with diamond halos and accents in order to make the colour of the opal necklace really pop. We have a range of solid black and semi black opals to choose from.

Opal Earrings

We also offer gorgeous Australian opal earrings, which can be worn to complement other opal jewellery or alone as a statement piece. We have both studs and teardrop styles available. Some of our earrings have also been combined with diamond accents for some extra sparkle.

We can help you select an opal and piece of jewellery that you are 110% satisfied with. Our stones can be matched with yellow, white or rose gold and platinum, depending on your metal preference and the tones within the opal itself.