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Where to buy Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne, Australia.

Where to buy Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne, Australia.

H&H Jewellery is a family owned jewellery business that is built on a 25 year jewellery making heritage & passion for quality and excellence in high end diamond & jewellery design and manufacture. H&H jewellery also specializes in the sale of Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne. With of the largest collection or GIA Certified Diamonds available for wholesale right here in Melbourne. H&H Jewellery is also a leading supplier and wholesaler of Lab Grown Diamonds in Australia. We offer a range of Loose Diamonds or other coloured gemstones at competitive market prices with multiple purchasing options based on the Diamond Grading Standard's (the 4c's) - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Over the 25 years, H&H jewellery has established its name and reputation for providing quality Wholesale Natural Diamonds across Melbourne and Australia through its uncompromising attention to detail and stringent certification processes. . 

At H&H Jewellery we believe that providing the best natural and lab grown diamonds for those looking to create or purchase custom made diamond engagement rings and jewellery. They make for the most excellent engagement and wedding rings for that special someone. We also know that there some people who love investing in diamonds, would advise caution against unethical diamonds.  We only sell and distribute genuine GIA certified diamonds across Australia opals and would caution everyone of people are selling fake diamonds.

Natural Mined Diamonds Melbourne 

A "Natural Diamond" also referred to as "Earth Mined Diamonds" occurring naturally and are mined directly from the Earth. A "natural" diamond that is formed when carbon subjected to extreme levels of heat and pressure found deep underneath the earth’s crust. We stock a large selection of these fine natural diamonds to choose from at the retail and wholesale prices. 


Lab Grown Diamonds Melbourne 

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has been rising over time. These magnificent diamonds can acquire the same degrees of brilliance, fire, and scintillation as those found in naturally mined diamonds. If you are looking for quality lab grown diamonds in Melbourne, we have the best and widest selection in Victoria. 

H&H Jewellery also has conveniently located ewellery Stores in Melbourne CBD , South Yarra and Elsternwick. However, if you are not in Victoria or are not able to visit one of the stores, the best place to buy diamonds online is on the H&H jewellery Stores with secure check our and Free Shipping Australia wide.

Give us a Call on (03) 9530 0611 or Visit us In-Store to speak to Wholesale Diamond Consultant.