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How to Find Best Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne

When shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring, there are multiple aspects you need to look for when looking for that perfect Gem.

Melbourne’s Collins street is Australia’s Fashion capital and renowned for having the Best Jewellers in Melbourne offering a range or bespoke and unique engagement rings the city has to offer.

With a huge range of Wedding & Bridal Jewelley, finding the perfect engagement ring at the right price can be tricky if you must know the 4c’s - diamond cut, color clarity, carat, and right metal for the band.

Tips for help you find the Perfect Diamond Ring for you or that loved one.

Diamond Clarity:

The ‘Cut’, as Jewellers call it, is perhaps the most important aspect of a diamond. It relates to its quality and how that impacts a diamond’s beauty. 

"Diamond Cut" refers to the quality of a diamond’s symmetrical facets, its angles, fire, and finishing details - which give the diamond’s ts ability to sparkle, along with its overall aesthetic appeal.  

Diamond color grades its rate; fewer colors in diamond indicate how rare that piece is. A perfect cut makes diamond unleash its light well, and look more beautiful with amazing sparkles. While carat determines the weight of your diamond.

Diamond Shape:

The shape is an important aspect yin your choice of engagement diamond ring. The most used diamond shape is round but other fancy diamond engagement rings Melbourne are marquise, pear, rectangle, square, heart, and oval.

Choosing a diamond shape is personal preference. Master Jewellers at H&H Jewellers will help design your own diamond ring that is unique to you. 

Diamond Cutting;

Diamonds Cutting process adds all the sparkle, and brightness in to your  diamond - allowing it to reflect light and enhance its beauty. When choosing a custom design for your wedding ring, seek a professional advice from a certified jeweller to make sure the cuts are done to precision.

Picking a metal for the band

When looking for a the best metal for your wedding ring, there is a range of different are different metals that suit a diamond ring well. The metal band can be gold, platinum, rose gold, white gold or sterling silver.

H&H Jewellery provides a range of metal bands 

Get a Engagement Diamond Ring Grading Report:

Always get your diamond engagement ring properly graded to know its  characteristics and it true value. H&H Jewellery Offers a range of Professional Jewellery Valuation Services to ensure piece of mind. 

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