Gold and Diamond Bangles

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Stunning Diamonds

Many of the gold bangles in our range have been inlaid with stunning diamonds for some added sparkle. Whether you prefer princess or brilliant cut diamond bangles (or some other cut entirely), we can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Varying Sizes

We have varying sizes to choose from, ensuring that your yellow, rose and white gold diamond bangles doesn’t slip off your wrist when you’re not paying attention. Whether the bangle is slid over your hand or has a clasp to secure it in place, rest assured that it’s not going anywhere.

  1. Diamond Bangles
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  1. Simple
  2. Modern
  3. Classic
  1. Brilliant Brilliant
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  3. Princess Princess
  1. Gold

A minimalist piece that is suitable for every occasion.

Whether you’re interested in a stunning diamond bangle or a plain gold one, these minimalist pieces are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, from casual and office through to cocktail and formal.

H&H Jewellery crafts bangles in white, yellow and rose gold to ensure that your desired look is achieved. We also custom make pieces if required, ensuring that you receive an ideal design.