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5 Step Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds: Everything you need to know.

5 Step Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds: Everything you need to know.

Buying Loose Diamonds in Melbourne for an Wedding Engagement Rings, Diamond Jewellery or simply for an investment can be a daunting task.

Its important to know exactly what you are looking for your budget, source of the diamonds and the verification documents that go with a diamond purchase. 

What is are Loose Diamonds?
A loose diamond is the end product that started with a rough diamond that has been cut, polished and certified. A loose diamond is a diamond can be sold, mounted on a engagement or wedding ring, necklace, pendants, earrings or any other piece of jewelry. Loose diamonds can also be purchased as investment due to its market valuation. 
There are a five main factors you should consider before buying loose diamonds.
1. Ensure that the Diamonds are "GIA Certified". 
For a Diamond to be GIA Certified, it goes through a rigorous grading process where its qualities are accessed for the 4C's - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight which contribute to the overall beauty and value of a diamond. 
2. Diamond Valuation, Appraisal & Insurance. 
When buying Diamonds for Wedding Rings, Jewellery or gifts, you should always seek to have the Diamonds independently valuated. Diamond & Jewellery Valuation give you the correct market price for your priced gems for Diamond Insurance purposes should it become damaged or lost. 
Talk to us about our Diamond Valuation Melbourne & Appraisal Services. 
Always ensure that your Diamonds are sourced from Certified & Verified Diamond Wholesalers and Sellers. This ensures that your diamonds have been quality tested and ethically, sourced and manufactured in conflict free zones. 
4. Seek Expert Advise
Its important to seek professional advise from a certified jeweler when looking for Loose Diamonds for sale. There are a lot of cheap low quality diamonds on the market, make sure to shop around and take necessary steps to ensure you get the highest quality diamonds at the best prices possible in Melbourne. 
5. Making to Purchase
Once you happy and feel confident in your diamond - you can buy it online or Instore. Ensure that all your diamond certifications, valuations are correct and verified. Most reputable loose diamonds wholesaler and sellers will offer a 100% money back guarantee and provide additional such as Diamond Ring Setting Options or Custom Wedding Ring Design Services.

H&H is a premier supplier of GIA Certified Loose Diamond Wholesaler in Melbourne offering a range of Loose Diamonds or other coloured gemstones at competitive market prices with multiple purchasing options based on the 4c's - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. 

If you are in the market for Loose Diamonds at Wholesale Prices contact us on (03 9530 0611) if you you have any questions about the Loose Diamond Buying Process, Diamond Ring Setting Options or Wedding Ring Design Services.