Australian Opal Earrings

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Brilliance & Brightness

Some Australian opal earrings will flash brightly, whilst others will be subtler and subdued – the brighter the stone, the more valuable it is. Some also have a predominant colour, whilst others have a range of colours. All opals, however, are precious, valuable and beautiful.

Loose Stones

If you can’t see the perfect pair of opal stud earrings or drop earrings in the listings above, come and see us in store. H&H Jewellery specialises in loose opals – browse our range, select a few that you like and we will custom make a pair of earrings according to your wishes.

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If you are looking for a slightly unusual earring choice, we believe that opals are the ideal choice.

We have a variety of Australian opal earrings to choose from, including stud and drop styles. They also range from very simple (yet no less beautiful) to more intricate in design (with stunning diamond accents).

Whether you’re interested in blue opal earrings or black opal earrings, we’re sure to have the colour you’re searching for. We also offer opal earrings in gold and opal earrings in white gold – pick whatever metal you prefer.

For more information about our opal stud earrings and opal drop earrings, please contact the H&H Jewellery team. We can help you select the perfect colour and style for the recipient in question.